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INTRODUCING - BUTT HEADZ - Cigarette Snuffers
 NOT $8.95 but ONLY $5.95 each

How They Work:

  Butt Headz - Put out those cigs
Simply place a Butt Head in your ashtray. When you are done smoking, just drop your cigarette in the top of your Butt Head. Your cigarette is instantly extinguished! No more smashing out your  cigarette. No more getting ashes or the smell of cigs on your fingers. Extinguish it with Butt Headz: Butt Headz require no pressure to extinguish your cigarette. It just goes out! You can remove your remaining cigarette and smoke what's left over later on (This also saves you money!) so it great to have....
Please choose your Butt Headz below. Order as many as you would like. Your smoking friends will Love you for it and so will you for giving them their very own Butt Headz.

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Blue Car Butt Headz - 001 Engine Butt Headz - 002 Peace Tree Butt Headz - 003 Red Truck Butt Headz - 004 Bass Butt Headz - 005
Blue Car Engine Peace Tree Lady Bug Bass
sku-bh001 sku-bh002 sku-bh003 sku-bh004 sku-bh005
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Gas Tank I  - 006 Ole Hippie Butt Headz - 007 Biker Dude Butt Headz - 008 Mushroom I Butt Headz - 009 Mushroom II Butt Headz - 010
Gas Tank I Ole Hippie Biker Dude Mushroom I Mushroom II
sku-bh006 sku-bh007 sku-bh008 sku-bh009 sku-bh010
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